Why discounting your fee is not a good idea


When a new client says they can’t afford your coaching it’s tempting to offer them a discount. But this can be the way to resentment when it turns out it was really a matter of priorities.

This is just one of the things you need to consider when setting your life coaching fees. Learn more including the pros and cons of the free trial session.
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Ep #190: Lessons from Frank Kern

The best way of helping as many people in the world as possible with what you have to share is to learn how to market your business online, and Frank Kern taught me exactly that.

Join me in this session of The Life Coach School Podcast, as I share the story of how I got connected with Frank and explain how his teachings help me achieve huge success with my business.

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Ep #189: The Balance of FEELINGS

In this session, we go through the extensive list of emotions available to us and talk about the idea of the “silver platter” of feelings being optional. We look at three different categories of emotions and discuss how each one plays into our daily life.

Join us as we go through the process to help you figure out which emotions you might want to have in your repertoire to be able to enjoy a full human experience.

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Have a challenge? Need some experienced coaching.

Could you be more satisfied with your job, career, how the business is going or retirement? Or even want some handholding as a new coach.

Check out my life coaching and take the first step with a complimentary and obligation free trial session.
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Ep #188: The Contrast of THOUGHTS

In this session, we’re focusing on the contrast of thoughts and why we choose to think negatively or positively about neutral circumstances.

Join us as we explore why most of us don’t question our beliefs, and why we don’t take responsibility for choosing what to believe, and simply believe what we’ve been taught. I explain why it’s so important to be more conscious about our thinking and talk about why you should revisit your current thoughts that are causing you pain to decide whether you want to keep on believing them.

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Unity and Forgiveness


This morning before meditation sitting a delightful insight arose…

when it is seen that there is no “you” that is separate…from all that is flowing…

that could also be the same Christian scripture translation that your sins are forgiven! not on a conceptual level but from simply What Is!!

How surprising to connect this to the concept of Christian “salvation”…!!

and yet it is as though more and more unfolds…

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