Dreams, Desires and Destiny


My question is of a confusion I have based on what I have been studying in the Course in Miracles and what I hear/learn from sources like “The Secret” and “Abraham… Ask and it is Given”.

My understanding of the Course is that, all that will happen has already happened and we are just watching the “movie” of what we call life (hence déjà vu). As opposed to trying to change it, we should just change our perception of what we believe to be happening in our movies and forgive it to reach salvation so that we can get back to being fully aware of our unity with God.

But the Secret & Abraham teaches that you can change your life based on your thoughts and feelings. I’m confused. Do we really have any control over what happens (or appears to be) happening? Can I really manifest whatever I want?

Gary Renard (Disappearance of the Universe) says no, unless it’s in the script, it won’t happen. He points out that even when there’s a fork in the road, both paths have already been filmed as well. But through forgiveness, time can collapse so that there are fewer lessons needed and that’s really the only “change” that can be made.

Is it possible to at least make my dream more enjoyable while I’m awakening or would that be counterproductive to even think about? Or do I just have to flow with what happens apparently good or bad trusting that all is well and my happy ending is unavoidable despite my desire for a different “reality”.

I know you’re going to say “Just be happy with what is”.

But seriously, is my focusing on experiencing/feeling that ideal, holy relationship and family just a waste of energy and time?

Much love & appreciation for your time.

Source: Community01 – Deepak

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