Making Dreams Come True: What Does It Really Take?

by Deepak Chopra M.D.

Desire is inescapable, and one could spend years trying to discover if human desire is a blessing of a curse. But right this minute a more practical question demands attention. How can you get what you want? Beyond the basic necessities for food, water, and shelter, which are enough to satisfy the desire to survive, human beings invent countless other desires.

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Ep #180: Lessons from My Business

This week, I outline what I have experienced on my path to success and share tips and strategies that you can use to become a successful entrepreneur.  From lessons learned from my biggest failures, dealing with doubt and wanting to give up, to cultivating a mindset of a CEO of an effective company, I talk about everything you need to know to become successful in your business.

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Paris embellishes skyline with organic rooftop farms

Paris has taken the farm out of the field and planted parts of it onto its rooftops to make the city greener and more sustainable. This summer, metro operator RATP became one of the first companies to host a commercial farm on one of its roofs.
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Ep #179: Productivity

On this episode of The Life Coach School Podcast, we’re taking a look at what productivity is all about and, most importantly, what it’s not. I explain why “How long will it take?” is not the right question to ask yourself as I also walk you through some of the biggest time wasters that come up when you’re trying to accomplish something.

Listen in for some actionable steps that you can start taking today to make your productivity easier and to help you use your time more efficiently.

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